torsdag 20 augusti 2015

Some nightjars this morning.

This morning I went out 03:15 a.m to my ringing site in the forest. Already when I put up the three mistnet I could hear som nightjars calling in the dark. After a while I check the mistnet and catch one bird.
When it was ringed and released I wait a while and then go out to the net again. This time it was no birds in the net, but several was flying around among the trees. Soon it´s to bright and the acticity was decrease and when I should put down the net there was two more birds in it. All birds was first year birds from this summer.
 The mistnet site are on a rocky height among the pines and beside a clearing cut.

 The player with decoy are placed among the nets. Usually I place it at the end of net, but now it in the middle of nets.

The nights final ringed bird was N.o. 158 this year and N.o. 406 since the start 2010.

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