måndag 3 september 2018

A new hotspot is found.

Yesterdag evening I went out to same place at last and put up two net in same places. After 15 minutes when it be a little darker I do the first check of the mistnets. When I put on my headtorch it hanging 5 nightjars in the nets and I start to take them in for ringing. Next check it hang 2 more nightjars and after that no more. 6 of them was newringed and one was a recover from yesterday
This is a hole new trapping place in the bushareas with big open fields around and I think it´s a hotspot for migration nightjars. Several of them has wet tailfeathers and I think they are roosting on the open field at the days.

 Waiting for the nightjars.

 Angry nightjar.

 Nightjarmarks on the car roof.

 Wet tailfeathers.

Ready for take off.

lördag 1 september 2018

New areas for the trapping.

The nightjarevening at the fields ended with 4 trapped nightjars in 30 minutes. One old female and 3 youngsters.

 Bushareas on the open fields attract nightjars now.

onsdag 8 augusti 2018

More and more nightjars

I just went home after one hour in the forest and three trapped nightjars. The first was a old angry female and she was one of the biggest I ever have catch and have dark plumage. Next was a old normal male and the last one was a small young male born this summer.

 Angry female with very dark plumage.

The little youngster.

söndag 5 augusti 2018

Nightjar in the kitchen.

This evening I decided to stay at home and be social. When the dusk is coming I put up one net in my garden and start the playback. 5 minutes later a female nightjar was trapped and I could band my 900:th nightjar in my own kitchen! A bit later I take in 901 in the kitchen and it was an old male this time. After that I took down the net and celebrate with a good single malt.

Still catch nightjars

Yesterday evening I catch 4 nightjars in 30 minutes in same place and after that no one more.

 First nightjar for this evening got his ring.

 Young male roosting on my bag.

The nightjar with four white spots on his wings was my 899 ringed nightjar.

torsdag 28 juni 2018

Domesticated nightjar.

Last night was a good night, 10 nightjars was trapped in the mistnet and the weather was perfect for a nightly visit in the forest. One of the nightjars will not fly away when I released him and he think he has found a perfect branch in my finger.
Even this night a nightjar with different white spots was trapped.

onsdag 27 juni 2018

Big variations on the nightjars.

Last night I got two nightjars with different spots on there wings. One have two clear spots and one indistinct. Next have 4 clear spots and beginning to a fifth spot. Both was birds who was born last year.
The last nightjar for the night was a female with big incubationpatch on the belly.
I even got a Longeared bat in the net
I even found a new way of using a power line pole. Perfect netpole!!